A downloadable stupid game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What happens when a god runs out of power?

What happens when free Wi-Fi ruins your life and the lives of your worshippers?

What happens when you can control the world, but still not swim?

This game will answer all of these questions!


  • God
  • QTEs
  • Intense clicking and platforming
  • Professional Art and Level Design

Unbiased player quotes:

"This game is awesome ! Very original !" - Martinus

"Stopped after a few minutes of maze" - daanvanyperen

"this was the funniest ludum dare game i’ve played." - blobo

"It’s disappointingly hard to kill 25,000 people" - Librorumque64

"Me and my brother had a really fun time playing this and it got some great laughs from us." - LiquidBrain

"the beach seemed kinda boring tho" - Joskineide

"magnificent art and thoughtful level design" - wesley-werner

"There’s basic platforming, needless icon clicking and even a QTE piss-take. It is all pointless, boring time wasting. Basically this is not good-bad, this is bad-bad." - HuvaaKoodia

"Well done, stupid people. Well done." - Carraka

Made for LD39 from scratch in 72h by:

  • Reuh: code, graphics, sounds, clicker mechanics, adding stupid things to the story
  • Trocentraisin: godly idea, music, sounds, platform level design
  • Ihamfp: additional code, platform level design, The Terrible Maze

Install instructions

To run from source, you will need Löve 0.10.2.

Linux .deb users: if your repos don’t provide Löve 0.10.2, you can either add the PPA or download liblove and love .deb from here.


Windows 64-bit
Windows 32-bit
LÖVE Source
.deb file (depends on Löve 0.10.2)

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